Construction Engineering

JSE has been providing construction engineering services to contractors since the founding days of the Company. The unique analysis programs owned and operated by JSE produce a step-by-step model of complex structures during each stage of bridge structure erection. (Previous construction engineering projects have included the Blennerhassett Bridge -a 890' arch over the Ohio River, and the Wakota Bridge -a CIP concrete segmental structure over the Mississippi River erected using the balanced cantilever method.) Many signature bridges across the country have been constructed based on construction engineering calculations and recommendations that our experienced staff has provided. Please explore some of JSE's construction engineering services listed below:


  • Step-by-step erection forces, stresses, and deflections
  • Integrated Shop Drawings
  • Value-engineering Proposals
  • False work Design and Detailing
  • Geometry Control/ Erection Manuals
  • Post-tensioning and Cable-Stay stressing Sequence and Instruction

Project Experience