Design Build

JSE has the unique ability to provide both experienced design engineers and construction engineers to deliver services for Design Build projects. JSE has led the design efforts and provided construction engineering services for numerous D/B projects throughout the U.S. Our D/B experience includes many large, complex projects including those with multiple pre-stressed and post-tensioned concrete bridges, open-spandrel arch bridges, and numerous Interstate reconstruction projects. The strong interface between our road designers, bridge designers and construction engineers has made JSE standout from our competition. The JSE team is one of the best in the industry at quickly providing accurate design calculations and buildable construction drawings, which are so critical in design-build projects. Also we specialize in providing D/B services which include:

Project Experience

I-355 over Des Plaines
River Valley

I-88 Fox River Bridge

US Route 460 Connector Bridge

I-65 Road Reconstruction

I-70 "Super 70" Interstate Reconstruction

I-69 Twin Bridges over
Patoka River