US Route 460 Connector Bridge


  Buchanan County, Virginia

  Virginia Department of Transportation

  Bizzack / CJ Mahan

  Construction Cost: 
  $47 Million

2013 R&B No. 1 Bridge

Project Description

JSE provided design-build engineering services on this 1733 ft. long twin segmental box bridge. The superstructure had two main spans of 489’ with the box varying from 31’-0” to 12’-6” in depth. The bridge is supported by “H” shaped columns with a maximum pier height of 220’ measured from top of footing to bottom of box. These are the tallest bridge piers in the state of Virginia.

The construction cost of the design provided by the JSE beat the next closest design’s construction cost by $3 million on top of being the most responsive bid (bids weighted on technical proposal score).

This bridge was Roads&Bridges number 1 top bridge for 2013.

“This roadway truly is a bridge to economic development for this region,” Mandy Cox said. “The opportunities once this road is completed to be able to drive over into Kentucky in a timely manner is tremendous. They’ll be able to get to some of the larger communities in Kentucky and get a job.” R&B