South Fraser Perimeter Road

  Vancouver, British Columbia


British Columbia Ministry of Transportation 

  Ferrovial Agroman / SNC Lavalin

  Construction Cost: 
  $800 Million

Project Description

JSE provided pre-bid design and plan development services for this complex P3 project. This project was the construction of a new economic development route south of Vancouver, BC. The route's purpose was to reduce the overall traffic congestion and to connect the passenger and freight ports to the industries and businesses along the Fraser River. The project had a number of serious geotechnical and geological challenges. The soils in the area were made up mostly of river sediments. These soils have limited capacity for embankments and structure foundations. The soils problems were magnified by the seismic activity in the area. The soils were prone to liquefaction under moderate seismic events. The bridges and embankments had to be designed to stay in service after the seismic events.

Pre-Bid design services provided by JSE included road and bridge design, plan review, construction engineering, hydraulic design, retaining wall design and traffic design.