Virginia US Route 460


  Richmond, Virginia (Petersburg to Suffolk) 


  Virginia Department of Transportation


  Ferrovial Agroman

  Construction Cost:
  $2 Billion

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Project Description

This Public, Private, Partnership (P3) project is located from the existing U.S. Route 460 near its Interstate-295 interchange in Prince George County southeast of Richmond to a new interchange with the U.S. Route 58 bypass in the City of Suffolk. The Project is comprised of approximately 55 miles of limited access, four-lane, divided highway along a new alignment south of the existing Route 460 alignment. The project includes construction of 9 new interchanges. The project includes 68 bridges of all types and complexities. Bridge lengths range in length from 225 ft. to over 1500 ft. long.

JSE will serve as the lead design consultant for this large, complex P3 project. JSE will prepare pre-bid plans and proposal documents for this P3 project. JSE will provide the following design services: Road and Bridge design, Plan Review, construction engineering, hydraulic analysis of bridges and culverts and traffic design including signing, lighting, signals and Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) design services.