Schuylkill Trail Pedestrian Bridge rendering

Project Type: Construction Engineering

Location: Philidelphia, PA

Owner: City of Philidelphia/ PennDOT

Client: PKF-Mark III, Inc.

Construction Cost: $20 Million

Est. Completion Date: 2025



The Schuylkill Trail Pedestrian Bridge is a 650-ft-long, 25-ft-wide, curved post-tensioned concrete tub girder bridge suspended by cable stays from two concrete pylon towers. The pylon towers’ height exceeds 170 ft above ground supporting the below superstructure and overlooks. The superstructure is divided into three spans (162.5’, 325’, 162.5’) with an expansion joint located at midpoint of the middle span. This bridge is part of the final link needed to provide an entirely off-road route between Center City and the Grays Ferry Crescent for pedestrians and bicyclists. This part of the trail is in an industrially active area where the riverbank narrows. To complete this segment of the trail, this cable supported bridge was located over the river near the east riverbank.

JSE provided the construction / erection engineering services for this structure. A 3-dimensional time dependent finite element model was developed and utilized for the erection engineering plan. JSE provided the step-by-step erection manual, geometry control manual, cable stressing instructions, falsework design and integrated shop drawings of the caisson caps, pylon towers and overlook support beams.