Wakota Bridge over Mississippi River (MN)


Project Type: Construction Engineering

Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Owner: Minnesota DOT

Client: Lunda Construction Co.

Construction Cost: $63 million

Completion Date: 2010

This bridge is a five-span CIP segmental structure with a 142 m main span constructed on integral piers.  JSE provided a stress/capacity design check of the superstructure and substructure for each step of erection; including time effects for creep and shrinkage and unbalance moments during weekly cycles.   Services included the casting curve to control geometry for the 72 m cantilevers.

JSE also provided tendon-stressing instructions and integrated shop drawings for placement of rebar and post-tensioning hardware. Our services included the design of falsework towers and soffit to support the end-span segments.  Periodic site visits were made to assist with construction and post-tensioning operations.

Total Length: 576m

Number of Spans: 5 (83m, 100m, 2 at 142m, 109m)

Box Width: Varies @ 25.9m to 32m


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