Zilwaukee Bridge Peer Review (MI)


Project Type: Peer Review

Location: Zilwaukee, Michigan

Owner: Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT)

Client: MDOT 

Construction Cost: $17.5 Million

Completion Date: 2008

The Zilwaukee Bridge is a multi-span structure, precast concrete segmental bridge with modular expansion joints and pot bearings located on piers and at hinge joints. Each of the twin structures is 8000 feet long. JSE was selected by Michigan DOT to provide their peer review of design methods for the replacement of pot bearings and to fix the pot bearing support seats adjacent to Pier 9 North damaged during bearing replacement. The fix required 3 externally placed post-tensioning bars anchored to the inside and outside faces of the North and South box girder webs to strengthen the hinge regions on each side of the hinge joint.

JSE provided a job site visit during installation and made recommendations which resulted in cost savings by providing simplification of bracket design and identified strategic locations where brackets could be installed to avoid existing post-tensioning ducts inside of web walls.

Services Provided: Road and Bridge, Plan Review, Design Calculation Review, Scope Compliance Review, and Traffic Review


Zilwaukee Bridge: Bearing Replacement Need Determined After 18 Years of Service - ASPIRE, Spring 2014